Explore the island of Santorini

On the southern region of the Cyclades islands complex in the Aegean Sea, lays an island loved by many. Some say it’s the mythical Lost Atlantis, others that it is simply heaven on earth; for certain, Santorini Island is a breathtakingly beautiful destination that leaves no one unmoved. No visitor ever left Santorini without being deeply in love with this magical place.

Santorini is famous for its spectacular caldera, formed by the devastating volcanic eruption that reshaped the island in 1600 BC. The imposing cliffs, overlooking the sea and the volcano, the breath-taking sunsets, the unique architectural style with the cube shaped whitewashed houses and the cave like homes carved in the rock create an otherworldly atmosphere that enchants and mesmerizes everyone lucky enough to be here. The caldera has a unique appeal, a timeless sense of awe and inspiration, making Santorini a coveted destination for anyone with romance at heart, artists and bon-viveurs.

Oia one of the world’s best-loved destinations

Oia is the most famous of all villages of Santorini. It is known throughout the world for its wild beauty and the enchanting sunsets. It is certainly the most beautiful and picturesque village of Santorini – and some say of Greece. The village is situated on top of an impressive volcanic cliff and offers a spectacular view over the volcano and the island of Thirasia.
Oia is a traditional village with charming houses in cobblestone pathways, blue-domed churches, and sun-bathed verandas. Its streets have plenty of souvenir shops, restaurants, cafes, several cultural attractions like the Maritime Museum, and many art galleries which makes it a home to many artist, musicians and writers.

Getting around the island

  •   Ammoudi harbor – 1.8 km.
  •   Firostefani – 10 km.
  •   Imerovigli – 9.3 km.
  •   Akrotiri archaeological site – 24.8 km.
  •   Red beach 25.7 km.
  •   Perissa (black) beach – 24.7 km
  •   Kamari beach – 20 km.